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Morgana Foxx, Master of Humiliation Erotica. This is your friendly neighborhood Vixen and this is my lair. I specialize in erotic fiction, which tends to be on the humiliating side of eroticism. Thanks for visiting my site. You may know me as the queen of small penis humiliation. Since the release of my series Tales of SPH, a collection of short stories about small penis humiliation, I have been busy writing a lot more erotic stories.  New releases are planned for the very near future, so stay in touch to find out what new exciting adventures we will be embarking on. Check out my erotica book series: TALES OF SPH

Erotic Stories by Morgana

Small penis humiliation themed erotic fiction, Tales of SPH. Tales of SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) is an anthology of humiliation erotica centered around the male penis and how size matters! Humiliation, domination, cuckolding, orgasm denial and sensual domination. Several volumes of scathingly brutal small penis humiliation to make you feel every tiny inch of torture!



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Erotic Recordings from the Vixen's Lair
Like my erotic humiliation stories, my audios are the spoken word of my wicked mind. Small penis humiliation, cuckolding, gender transformations and more.

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